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Bug Fixes

  • Fix memory leak in eye window
  • Make parsing of data to eye window a bit cleaner
  • Fix server listening address


New Features

  • Drifting grating stimulus
  • Implement functors for scheduled functions rather than function objects
  • Add MW namespace to the code
  • Add editor plugins to the client plugins
  • Add setup variable GUI to the server
  • Demo experiments

Bug Fixes

  • Shut down I/O device properly
  • Fix save/load variables (dictionaries and lists)
  • Add Narrative.framework to the installer
  • Fix logical NOT in parser
  • OpenGL eye window


New Features

  • Complete rebuild of client
  • Parser is more robust to errors and announces where things have failed
  • Plugin architecture is implemented
  • ITC18, fake monkey, HID devices, and others are now plugins
  • Compete rebuild of editor


New Features

  • Movie stimulus is treated as a normal stimulus for the purposes of queuing and putting in the proper order on the display stack
  • Movie stimulus has an error reporting variable to indicate when the movie had a problem playing
  • Fixed eye window display of rectangle and circle
  • Fixed behavior window so it's much simpler
  • Use actual monitor refresh rate for the stimulus display alarm


New Features

  • Shape primitives (rect and circle) are available
  • Added tabbing to calibrator window
  • Added hot keys to calibrator window
  • MATLAB window resets properly when changing sync variable or file
  • MATLAB window resets sync variable when resetting
  • Added scheduler errors and warnings to data stream, but not as messages (doesn't clutter the console).
  • Simple movie stimulus
  • Asynchronous display update

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare deadlock case in MATLAB window


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the spring-loaded actions so the actions are performed in the correct order
  • Fix bug in random number seeding
  • Created a simpler behavioral window that doesn't have the Narrative framework
  • Removed YT window
  • Fixed typo in eye window
  • Removed path closing in eye window
  • Fixed editor to have alpha multiplier default to 1.0

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