Building MWorks from source

Most users, including those developing custom plugins, do not need to compile MWorks themselves. However, for developers working on MWorks' internals or users interested in modifying core components, the following steps are the quickest route to building all of MWorks from source:

  1. Install Xcode. After installation, launch the application once so that it can install additional components as required.

  2. Install the Python packages required for building the documentation:

    sudo easy_install pyaml Sphinx
  3. Give yourself write permission on the installation directories:

    sudo /bin/chmod +a "user:$(whoami) allow add_subdirectory,delete_child" /Library/Application\ Support /Library/Frameworks

    Note: On macOS Sierra and later, the above command must be run with System Integrity Protection (SIP) disabled. (The permission changes persist after SIP is re-enabled.)

  4. Check out the source code:

    git clone
  5. Run the build_mworks script:

    cd mworks/build

    This will download required supporting libraries and build and install all MWorks components, including applications, frameworks, plugins, scripting tools, and documentation.

Once this is done, you can modify and build individual components directly via their Xcode projects.